Spy Pigeon From Pakistan Escapes The Clutches Of Mighty Indian Police

A pigeon that was captured recently by the Indian police after being suspected of infiltrating the country has just escaped.

The pigeon was captured and stored in a bird cage with maximum security. However, no amount of security could keep it from escaping the clutches of the Indian Police.

On Wednesday, the pigeon managed to pull its escape from the cage it was being held in when the head constable at the Srivijay Nagar Segment of Punjab’s Sriganganagar district opened the cage out of sheer curiosity.

The constable couldn’t hold back the pigeon as it flocked it’s wings and used its beak as a weapon and successfully escaped.

She is now suspected of bringing back crucial intel to Pakistan, after all, she was deemed a spy pigeon by the Indian police.

The pigeon was captured recently when Indian police saw a note tied to its feet reading ‘5547 Janbaz Khan’ along with a cell number.

This wasn’t the first time the Indian police had blamed a poor animal for being a spy of the neighboring country. When tensions amongst Pakistan and India rose last year, Indian police seized a balloon and as well as pet dogs claiming that these dogs were being used to conduct terrorist acts in the country.