Prince Harry congratulates teachers including a Pakistani Teacher From Gilgit

Salima Begum, a Pakistani teacher from a remote village of Gilgit-Baltistan, has made it to the top ten finalists for the Global Teacher Prize 2017.

The Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize is a one million U.S. dollars prize awarded to one exceptional teacher from the world who has made an extraordinary contribution to this prestigious profession.

On the occasion of reaching the top ten finalists, Prince Harry personally congratulated all the finalists.

The finalists for this year’s Global Teacher Prize are from every corner of the world. From the Canadian Arctic to Kenya and Pakistan. But there’s one thing they all have in common, they spark curiosity¬†within a child and nurture the dreams that can change our world for the better. – Prince Harry

I completed my education from a private school in my village. During the time of my admission, there was just one teacher in my school. The whole school compromised of two rooms. There were not a lot of resources. Apart from a blackboard and a chalk, there was nothing. Despite these conditions, I loved to study. – Salima Begum

Salima Begum was born in a remote village of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. When she was still young, conditions of education were not ideal, but she still managed to complete her higher secondary level.

My Plan is to work towards girls education and to fulfill their educational expenditures. Especially girls who are competent but extremely poor and who want to pursue a higher education

Salima is now a teacher at Elementary College for Women Gilgit, Pakistan. She not only teaches the girls around the area in her school but also takes it upon herself to finance their education if they’re too poor to manage on their own.

I told ma’am that my financial situation is not allowing me to continue my education. She said that she will take this responsibility and I should not stop my education. For two years, she paid my school fees. – one of her students.

Salima became the top ten finalists for the Global Teacher Prize because of her unique Teacher Mentoring Process.

As a teacher educator, through the Teacher Mentoring Process, I am teaching this to the other teachers as well. I have introduced this process in many schools and it is my success story. Without professionally developed teachers, quality education is not possible.

Salima Begum is breaking the typical education system by making sure her students learn more than just what is written in books. She gives them the opportunity to speak up, to question, dig out new ideas and do them in life.

Ma’am’s classes are always fun and interesting, never boring, time flies by. Her classes are activity based and the best thing about them is that students are able to interact and cooperate with each other. We wait impatiently for her class. – student

Salima’s students feel very lucky to have a teacher who takes them out of the books and into the real world where they can interact and learn at the same time.

My parents brought me into the world, but my teacher has lifted me up and made me reach for the skies – Salima’s student