iPhone 8 Leaks – Here’s What We Know So Far

The famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has once again got his hands on a leak from Apple. This time he has acquired some documents that reveal the changes Apple is going to bring in its next flagship phone, the iPhone 8.

Here are some changes related to design, navigation, security, screen area and display size.


  • Apple is moving away from aluminum body
  • The glass-backed body may make a comeback, it was a major feature in the iPhone 4S.
  • iPhone 8 will come in three variations, 4.7 inches, 5 inches (with OLED) and 5.5 inches.
  • Higher end version of iPhone 8 may feature a stainless steel frame
  • The other two models will have an aluminum frame
  • The phone may also feature an IPS water resistance rating which is an improvement over iPhone 7. With this, iPhone 8 will have 1.5 meters water resistance.

Here’s a mockup of the phone


  • At least one of the models of iPhone 8 will have a flexible OLED display. Apple has already partnered with Samsung to produce these.
  • Apple is seeking a 5.8 inches OLED display to be used for its next flagship
  • The iPhone 8 may have edge to edge display which essentially means the phone will have no top, bottom or side bezels.
  • The touch ID and front camera will be embedded into the display.
  • The home button is being ditched, it will be replaced by a touch and display driver instead.

Wireless Charging

  • iPhone 8 may feature long range wireless charging technology.

Other changes

  • The new phone may have advanced biometric features such as iris scanning and facial recognition.
  • iPhone 8 may include NAND flash memory with increased memory.
  • The device may even future tactile vibrations (haptic feedback when you press keys on your phone)
  • Apple is also working on improving the battery
  • Dual-lens camera will make a come back on higher end versions

These are all the changes that have been recently leaked. The iPhone 8 or an advanced version of iPhone 7 will be revealed in September.