Adorable Boy Was Made Faisalabad’s Chief Traffic Officer For One Day

Abdullah Noor, a 9-year-old boy from Tehsil Jaranwala is suffering from blood cancer. While going through treatment, Noor had expressed the wish of becoming a police officer one day.

His wish was heard by the current Cheif Traffic Officer in Faisalabad and he immediately decided to grant the child’s wish for one day.

Abdullah on seat of CTO

Abdullah was invited to the local police station complete with CTO’s officer’s uniform and was given the opportunity to become CTO for one day.

He was brought from Allied Hospital with a full protocol where he is currently being treated.

At the police station, Noor was warmly welcomed by the traffic wardens and was offered the chair of CTO. He was then taken to visit different roads around the city to overlook the operations of various traffic wardens on duty.

Abdullah was given a chance to overlook traffic wardens on duty

Noor also gave a press conference

Later that day, Noor was also invited to a press conference where he shared some words with local news channels.

The current CTO, Arif Shahbaz Khan was very happy and honored to have been given the opportunity to grant the sick child’s wishes.

In charge of Allied Hospital ward where Noor had been admitted, Dr. Khalid and Dr. Khurram also accompanied him throughout the day. They expressed their gratitude and said such kind gestures will help the child in his treatment.