Pakistani Transwoman Introduces Kathak To Danish Students In Denmark

Jannat Ali, a transgender activist and a professional Kathak dancer is running a workshop in schools all over Denmark called ‘Gender and Society’.

The Embassy of Denmark recently said in a statement that Jannat is a transwoman who is a professional dancer as well as a transgender activist advocating for human rights.

Her purpose for running these workshops is to help students understand gender norms in both Pakistan and Denmark.

Her classes are filled with students from different schools who dance on Kathak rhythms coming from large speakers as Jannat Ali leads them.

Most of them can be seen happily trying to follow the moves their teacher is trying to teach them. And they are happy to take part in something they have never seen before.

According to Jannat Ali, she believes that dancing is a very powerful tool in activism. It helps tell the life and conditions of transgender life.

She speaks to her students before starting with the lessons so they are aware of the purpose behind the classes.

The students are not only learning how to dance, but they are also learning the different kinds of genders in the society.

By the end of the workshop, students are made to come up with their own performances.

Via Pakistan Today