5 Times Pakistani National Anthem Was Performed Differently

The Pakistani National Anthem has been performed on many different instruments and styles. A lot of people have covered the national anthem in their own musical styles.

Today, during the opening ceremony of the third test between Pakistan and Australia, we witnessed another rendition of the Pakistani National Anthem.

A woman from Australia with an Australian accent sang the national anthem in Opera style which turned many heads.

To top it off, she even wore a national dress in green color.

What really is so special about this version of the National Anthem is that it was unique, something we have never heard before.

And shockingly, the national anthem done in opera style actually did sound very good.

We collected unique versions of the National Anthem that actually sound good:

1. Opera Style


2. Classical


3. Sitar and Dhol


4. Dubstep

5. Rock version

Fun fact: During the National Anthem Ritual today before the match of Pakistan Against Australia, Yasir Shah couldn’t hold his laughter.

Some believe he found the whole ‘Opera’ style funny.