Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Android Smartphone In Pakistan In 2016

With 3G and 4G becoming common day by day, Pakistan now has access to smartphone applications that were previously impossible to get.

The year 2016 saw the launch of many unique services that were completely dependent on phone applications.

We have made a list of essential applications that every Pakistani should have on their Smartphone.

1. Home Remedies+ : Natural Cures

Pakistanis love desi totkas. No matter what kind of ailment you are suffering from, there is a totka available.

Home Remedies+ : Natural Cures provides you a platform to browse through hundreds of home remedies for any kind of problem.

Whether you are suffering from Acne, Anemia, Athletes foot or allergies, a home based cure is available in the app.

This is pretty much an essential if you believe in home remedies.

Plus you have the ability to store your own home remedies, add remedies to your favorites or share your favorite remedies on Facebook with friends.

You can even ask a question regarding any remedy and the community answers it for you.

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2. Taxi Apps (Careem, Uber, Limofied)

Moving around Pakistan has become more comfortable and easier than ever. In 2016, popular taxi applications Uber and Careem launched their unique services in Pakistan.

Now these services have become a major part of our lives because they provide a comfortable and safe ride to anywhere you want to go.

Careem and Uber both can pick you from anywhere and drop wherever you desire to go.

The vehicles and drivers are all registered with the company for extra safety. Plus you can rate your ride so the next passenger knows how the experience was.

Careem has also recently launched female captains in Lahore making it even safer for women to travel across two destinations.

With the rise of taxi apps, another ride-sharing service ‘Limofied’ has entered Pakistan.

These services are available in most major cities of Pakistan and have become bare essentials for everyone.


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3. Expense Manager

For those who like to keep a close eye on their expenditures, the Expense Manager app is for you.

It will help you keep track of all expenses in a wonderful and easy to use navigational menu. It even tells you where you spent your money.

After building an expense report, the app also analyzes your spending habits and informs you how you can cut down on the expenses. Pretty cool huh? We think so too.

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4. Wi-Fi Sweetspots

The Pakistani internet can often be a painful experience to use. But sometimes your ISP isn’t to blame.

If you are mostly connected to the internet via a router, your router could be the culprit for poor connection.

Wi-Fi Sweetspots is a wireless signal detection application that detects the strength of Wi-Fi signals in your current location.

Simply turn on the app and walk around your home to find the ‘Sweet’ spot where the signals are the strongest. Use the internet in this sweet spot for an undisturbed internet experience.

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5. FoodPanda

Food is an essential part of our lives. Especially for Pakistanis who are known for their love for food.

FoodPanda provides an excellent way to order your food from the restaurants and fast foods you love.

It detects all the nearby restaurants in your vicinity and opens up their food menu for you.

From there on, you can select the stuff you want to eat and it gets delivered to your doorstep.

FoodPanda allows you to pay for the food through cash on delivery and debit/credit card on supported restaurants.

Plus, the application also has some sort of deal going on at all times. So check it out every day to avail massive discounts on the food you love.

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