Someone Just Combined Batman With Maula Jatt And The Results Are Hilarious

Ali Kapadia Films has just mashed up a video featuring footage from Maula Jatt with voice over and sounds from Batman. The results are nothing but hilarious.

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Maula Jatt is an iconic 1979 Pakistani Punjabi action film directed by Younis Malik. It starred Sultan Rahi as the lead role with Aasia and Mustafa Qureshi as the antagonist.

Maula Jatt was a massive success in the 1980s and spanned a number of sequels later. It is deemed as one of the most successful unofficial franchises in Pakistan film industry.

The success of the film helped the directors and producers create sequels like Maula Jatt Tey Noorie Nut and Maula Jatt in London. A new Maula Jatt is also under production with Bilal Lashari, known best for Waar, directing it. The new movie will be a remake of the original Maula Jatt film.


The remake of the movie will feature Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath.