Sheikh Siddique Exposed – How One Pakistani Bodybuilder Fooled The Country With His White Lies

An International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) competition was held in Dubai last month at the Fitness Expo Dubai.

Hundreds of bodybuilders and athletes from different parts of the world including Pakistan came to compete in the competition.

Sheikh Siddique, former Mr. Junior Islamabad was also taking part in the competition under the Bodybuilding up to 70 KG class.

Sheikh Siddique took the 12th place in the competition. But after returning to Pakistan, Siddique approached several news channels and announced that he had secured the first position in the competition and was awarded a gold medal.

The medal he carries with him is, in fact, a token of appreciation awarded to him for taking part in the competition.

Arif Mirza, founder, and CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai confirmed the medal was handed as an appreciation token to Sheikh Siddique

But Siddique insisted that the medal was awarded because he secured the first position in the competition.

You can check the official results here

Siddique Was Able To Pull This Lie With The Help Of Ignorant Media

Siqqique was instantly given a chance to be recognized through media houses in Pakistan.

Several news channels invited him over for an interview and also posted stories of him winning a gold medal.. all without confirming the details.

Express-News was the first to come up with a story about Siddique winning a gold medal.

According to their story, Sheikh wore the Pakistani flag when he was announced the winner of the IFBB competition. They further wrote that the halls where the winning ceremony took place started shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ when he received the medal.

He was then invited on Capital TV for an interview.

Amir Liaquat Hussain from BOL News also congratulated the bodybuilding without confirming the details

Siddique also updated his Facebook profile with his new fake achievement and sent out video messages to his fans.

Sheikh Siddique has been exposed by the bodybuilding community of Pakistan. But he still refuses to come out clean and accept the truth.

The first ones to find out about Siddique’s lies were Hassaan Mahmood and Waqas Tariq.

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