Saudi Man Rescues Jailed Pakistani Truck Driver

Pakistani truck driver in Saudi Arabia was involved in an unfortunate accident which claimed a life.

Rustam Khan, a truck driver from Pakistan was recently imprisoned after being involved in an accident that claimed the life of a military personnel in Taif.

By law, Khan was required to pay SR 250,000 as blood money. Since he was just a truck driver and barely made enough to feed his family, he had lost all hope of paying the amount.

In a desperate plea, Rustam uploaded a video of himself on social media where he offered his kidney in order to collect the funds.

The clip went viral and caught the attention of Saudi actor Fayez Al-Malki.

Soon after, Malki released a video on Social Media and announced that a man, who wanted to remain anonymous, had agreed to pay the complete amount of blood money.

The video below shows Al-Malki handing over the cash to Rustam Khan’s relative.

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The blood money acquired has now been distributed to the heirs of the military personnel who lost his life because his parents did not want the money.

This isn’t the first time Saudi’s have done an act of kindness.

Recently, a man originating from Bangladesh, a cleaner by profession,  was mocked on Social Media for staring at jewelry at a local shop. His pictures while staring at necklaces made out of gold went viral.

Social Media mocked by saying ‘this man deserved to look only at rubbish’

A local citizen, Abdullah Al-Qahtani, found the worker and reported him to a local news channel.

Soon after, several people from Saudi Arabia started sending him gifts with letters of love and appreciation.

The man received cash gifts, smartphones, gold and return tickets to his home.