Pokemon Go Now Officially Available In Pakistan! Go Catch Em All!

Pokemon Go which swept the world in summers had players from around the world hunt for virtual creatures in the real world using their smartphones, is now officially available in Pakistan.

Previously, the hit game was obtainable and playable on both iPhone and Android phones using unofficial means.

Even though it was playable, a lot of players reported problems within the game because it wasn’t meant to be played in the region yet.

Some people even came across severe viruses when they attempted to download the unofficial version of the game on their phones.

But starting today, their troubles with Pokemon GO are finally over.

In an official announcement from Pokemon Go website, the game is officially available in South Asia region, which includes Pakistan.

Declining Popularity of Pokemon GO

When the game was first released, it went out to break the trends everywhere in the world.

Swarms of people gathered in different places to capture rare Pokemon that appeared in various locations.

But as time passed by, the fever of Pokemon Go went down. This caused the developers of the game to quickly put out various updates to bring back the declining audience.

With the game officially launching in Pakistan and other South Asian countries, this could bring back the declining interest in it.

Starting today, you will also be able to get new pocket monsters that are now available in the game. This new update will bring Togepi, Pichu and other Generation II Pokemon.