Here’s Why Using Heaters In This Dry Cold Weather Can Be Fatal To Your Health

With no or very limited rain for the past 2 months, experts are warning against the usage of portable gas and electric heaters in the home.

Electric and gas heaters in dry weather pose an immense threat to the human health.

The cold is getting harsh and people have started using heaters, especially in the night to keep their rooms warm.

Because of dry weather these days, heaters pose an extra threat to your health.

By turning on your heater in dry weather, you are killing off the limited moisture in the air, completely drying it.

Breathing this dry air can lead to respiratory diseases like bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and nosebleeds.

Dry air can also dry out the mucous membranes in your body, thus making it easier for infection-causing toxins to build up in your body that leads to mild to severe inflammation.

Gas heaters are known to produce carbon monoxide which increases the number of pollutants in the air, thus causing harm to humans.

How Can You Prevent Harm From Heaters?

According to one health expert, it is mandatory to keep a bowl of water in front of your heater which keeps supplying the air with moisture.

If possible, put extra bowls of water around the corner of your house to keep the moisture levels stable.

Sipping on warm fluids like tea or soup will also help you protect against dryness.

Some skin specialists also said that lack of moisture in the air can cause itching and rashes on the skin.

So if you’ve been experiencing unusual itching, using heaters to the dry air is probably the cause.

Put moisturizers on your skin to protect it against dryness.

Furthermore, dry air can also cause harm to your eyes because it dries out the tears from your eyes.

Drink plenty of water to make sure your eyes remain moist and full of water.

Or you could completely stop using heaters and try these 5 scientifically proven ways to warm yourself without a heater.

Via The Nation