Are Business Cards Gone For Good? Pakistani Woman Creates An App That Could Change How You Exchange Information

Amna Shah, a Pakistani living in the United States came up with a brilliant idea to exchange information amongst personal and business contacts.

She turned her idea into an app which allows people to create digital business cards and share them with contacts.

Amna came up with the idea when one day she left the business card of a company she had to contact at her desk without realizing. When she wanted to contact the company, she couldn’t find the card.

She used Google and various other methods to find the contact details of the company but was unable.

Then┬áthis idea of ‘digital business cards’ came to her and she started working on an application that would allow people to create and store their business cards on their phone.

She created i-Card. An application which even you can use to create a business card and give it to your contacts via a QR code which is generated when you create a card.

Features of I-Card

  • Ratings and Recommendations for professionals
  • Auto Information Updates when you change roles
  • Personalized QR code which is shareable
  • Corporations have the ability to create custom cards for their employees
  • Completely customized information
  • Search option
  • Group Chat / Community function
  • All data is backed up

Amna believes that this app will replace business cards because it lowers the cost of creating a printed card and also reduces the environmental risks that come with it.

Plus on top of that, users can log in from anywhere in the world through any device and send out their contact info.

Amna Shah completed her O levels from Karachi Dawood Public School and shifted to the US in 2000.

She then obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the U.S.

She currently works at her company, AHS Consulting. Before that, Shah was working for SBS Worldwide as a CFO. She was the first ever Pakistani female to reach CFO at just an age of 24 for SBS.

You can download the app from Apple App Store Or Google Play