Arshad Khan ‘Chai Wala’ Just Scored Another Modeling Gig In A Bike Ad

The internet sensation, Arshad Khan ‘chai wala’ has once again struck the internet with his charms. This time he is featured in a motorcycle ad with rough look.

Super Motorcycle recently got Arshad to sign up for a new ad campaign they are running. Right now, the images of the ad campaign have been officially released with a new look of Arshad Khan, complete with leather jacket.




You can see the ads posted on super motorcycle’s Facebook page. There is no indication whether there will be a video ad after these images, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Arshad also released backstage photos which are a treat to look at

People are doing all kinds of stuff to show their love for chai wala

For example, someone made a sketch of him:

And someone actually made a song dedicated to him: