630 Road Accidents Reported In The Past 24 Hours In Punjab

A whopping number of 630 accidents were reported to the Provincial Monitoring Cell of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122). All of these accidents were reported in the 36 districts of Punjab alone in the past 24 hours.

As alarming as it sounds, it is true.

A spokesperson from the Rescue 1122 said that at least 8 casualties were reported with the remaining 522 victims seriously injured. The injured were taken to different hospitals in the corresponding districts.

At least 203 victims sustained little to no injury. The Rescue 1122 team gave on spot first aid to these victims and let them go on the spot.

Leading causes of accidents

630 road accidents in the past 24 hours is an alarming number. Here are some of the leading causes of accidents. Keeping yourself well informed of the causes can help you avoid misfortune in the future.

Breaking traffic rules


One of the leading causes of road accidents in Pakistan is breaking traffic laws. Because we do not have strict measures set against violators, people tend to break traffic laws without worry.

In order to avoid more accidents, traffic rules and violation awareness must be spread across citizens.

Over speeding


Over speeding on roads where speed limits are low are often associated with highly dangerous accidents. Next time you are on the road, stick to the limit. Abide by the speed laws no matter how much of a hurry you are in.



Due to density of traffic in Punjab, people often get impatient. Impatience causes them to break several traffic laws and drive recklessly. This causes severe accidents. Stay calm when you are on the road and try to manage your time according to the density of traffic on the route you travel on.

Driving with high beams


Driving with high beams at night is one of the leading causes of accidents during the night. High beams can cause temporary blindness which can lead to unavoidable circumstances.

Avoid using beams unless necessary.

Bad traffic management


High density on roads and lack of traffic management also plays a huge part in accidents. As citizens of Pakistan, we should follow traffic rules and stick to the laws even if no officials are present in order to save lives.

Road infrastructure


Bad road infrastructure often causes drivers to quickly move around to save their vehicles from damage. If you travel a bad road often, drive slow.

Insufficient Street Lights


Lack of street lights forces drivers to use high beams at night time. Unless the traffic management authorities can fix this issue, people will keep facing problems on the road especially at night.