5 Pakistani Foods That Slowly Kill You If You’re Diabetic

World Diabetes Day is the primary awareness campaign around the world for diabetes. It is marked every year on the 14th of November. The campaign was set by United Nations under Resolution 61/225 in December 2006, making it the official United Nations Day. The campaign is celebrated with a blue circle which is a symbol of diabetes.

The basic concept of World Diabetes Day is to spread awareness among both suffering and non suffering individuals. The best way to avoid diabetes in your life is to prevent yourself from bad diet.

Today we are going to share 5 foods that are absolutely forbidden when you are diabetic. And if you aren’t, avoiding these foods will help you keep away from Diabetes.

1.White Rice


The more rice you consume, the more you put yourself at a risk of type 2 diabetes. According to a study, those who ate white rice regularly, had 11% more chance of obtaining type 2 diabetes.

White rice causes blood sugar spikes which are bad for your health as much as table sugar is. Have brown rice instead.

2. Fructose


Fructose is a type of sugar which is quite commonly found in soda drinks (pepsi, cola, fanta etc) and processed foods, honey and fruit. While fructose in controlled quantities is not devastating for your health, abundance of it can cause diabetes in the long term.

Processed food and sugary drinks have a lot of fructose in it. You should avoid these at all costs if you want to stay away from diabetes.

3. Refined Cereal


A lot of people may have told you that if you are trying to lose weight, you should have cereal in your breakfast. While certain types of cereal are indeed good, some of them are sweetened to the point of poisoning you.

Only eat whole wheat cereals that are free of sugar to make sure you stay fit, away from diabetes and lose weight at the same time.

Some examples of great cereals are old Quakers oats and Fujji food Daliya.

4. Fruit Juice


In Pakistan people believe that fruit juice is a magical potion that can fix just about any thing in your body. This is not true.

Fruit juice is in concentrated form. This means that a glass of orange juice has around 4-5 oranges squeezed in it. In simple words, this means you are consuming 5 oranges together when you are drinking juice. Imagine the amount of sugar you are consuming in one glass of fruit juice.

The best alternative? Eat the fruit instead!

5. Fatty Meats (beef)


Meats like beef cause a high risk of heart disease and as well as diabetes. Your best bet is to eat meat that is low on saturated fat because saturated fat causes your body to store more fat, block your arteries and cause diabetes.

The best source of protein is Fish and goat meat.