Report: Samsung Stops Production Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phablets Following Explosion Cases On Replaced Sets

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released, Samsung has been going through a roller coaster ride.

The original Note 7 phablets started exploding. Apparently there was an issue with the battery and the electronics giant had to recall all the shipped Note 7s.

But this didn’t save Samsung from the situation. Even after replacing the mobile sets, customers faced the same explosion issues.

Last week a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reportedly went on fire onboard a plane of Southwest Airlines bound from Louisville to Baltimore on Wednesday. The incident happened as soon as the plane was about to take off. Thankfully no one was hurt. All the passengers and crew were immediately evacuated after the issue took place.

Samsung Halts Production of Note 7 Phones


Following new cases of replacement phones going bust, Samsung has announced that it will be temporarily halting the production of all Note 7 phones.

The smartphone producer came to this decision after carefully talking with its partners in the United States and China.

This also means that you may not get a replacement set anymore if you try to ask for a replacement from Samsung or any partner carrier/network.

Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s are creating a huge dent to the image of Samsung, the global leader in Smartphones. Any more cases would seriously hurt the reputation of the electronics giant. It would not only suffer consumer loyalty, but its shares may also significantly drop.

U.S Carriers Announce Replacement Of Note 7 With Other Smartphones


Popular U.S cellular companies like AT&T have announced that it will stop issuing new Note 7 devices to anyone asking for a replacement. They will instead offer consumers to get it exchanged for another Samsung device or any other Smartphone of their choice.

The case of replaced Samsung going burst last week caused the other to get an iPhone 7 instead.

T-Mobile, another cellular giant in the U.S has announced its stopping the sale of the device. It will also halt replacement of the Note 7.

Telstra Corp, Australia’s biggest cellular company has also paused supplying the Note 7.

Airlines have started banning Note 7 Users from using the device onboard


Following the incidents from last week, several airlines and airports around the world have issued statements that asks passengers to stop using the device onboard. They are advised to turn the phone off when onboard. A statement from Hong kong International Airport read:

In light of recent incidents and concerns raised about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, passengers are strongly advised not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage

Samsung Is Investigating The Issue

On Monday, Samsung announced that it is looking at the new issues arising from replacement sets. According to them, the phone is suffering from heat damage. The findings will be released after the investigation is completed.

If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) to resolve the situation