Men Vs. Women – Who Needs More Sleep? Science Has An Answer

The long argument of whether men needs more rest or women has finally been answered by science.

In Pakistan, there are more housewives than working women. Hence we always come across the argument that men work harder during the day and need more rest.

But science believes it’s the other way around.

Sorry men, but a new researcher conducted by Loughborough University in the UK has found out that women use their brains more during the day then men and thus require more sleep than men.

Women are naturally multi talented, this is evident from the fact that they have to do various tasks at the same time. From setting table, to getting ready, to looking after the kids, cooking, doing chores like laundry, dusting and more.

Based on this, the results of the study showed that the female brain works in more complex ways when compared to men because women tend to multitask more.Therefore, they require more sleep.

Women’s brains are more complex than men’s, so their sleep need is slightly greater – Said Professor Jim Home, the author of the study.

According to the study, an average adult requires around 6-8 hours of sleep to recover from stress, exhaustion and fatigue acquired throughout the day from doing various tasks. Women require 20 minutes extra sleep than the men to repair their brains and refresh their body when they wake up.


Research also found negative impacts of less rest

The study also found out that less rest has more damage to the health of women when compared to men. Less rest can quickly result in cardiovascular problems, depression, diabetes, anxiety or stress.

More details talked about how women’s dreams become lighter as the night passes by. This causes them to be easily more woken than their male counterparts. They also become more sensitive to high pitched noises. This is why there is no wonder that women easily wake up when you create little noises during the night.

So dear men, let your women sleep a little more now because even science says she needs more rest than you.