The Islamabadi Chaiwala Just Landed His First Gig..As A Model!

The Chaiwala from Islamabad that has taken the internet by storm all over the world has just been hired as a model.

Online retail shop has signed Arshad as a model for their apparel product showcase. He will be modeling the T-shirts sold by the store. The very first few pictures have also been released. You can check them out below:

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Arshad Khan has huge potential in modelling

It may not sound like it, but Arshad Khan has a huge potential in modeling. He is only 18 years old and hails from Kohat. He recently came to Islamabad and started selling chai in the local Itwar Bazaar that is open to public every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. He has been selling tea at a stall for the past 3 months.

He currently works with his Mamu (maternal uncle) and has 15 siblings. He came to know about his fame when people started coming to take selfies with him and told him about his internet fame.

Arshad Khan thinks that he looks like Shahrukh Khan. He won’t deny a role in a film if ever offered one.

He also said that he is aware of his beautiful eyes because he has previously been approached by many girls telling him of his eyes.


Arshad Khan rose to insane fame in just a couple of days when Jiah Ali a photographer from islamabad took a photo of him with his natural expressions. His blue eyes have been the center of attraction for many people. According to her she took 2 shots before the perfect shot where Arshad looked straight into the lens.


After the photo went viral she went back to inform Arshad Khan about it and took a photo with him!


He was recognized as a very handsome guy all over the world. Famous online websites like Buzzfeed and 9Gag also featured him along with many other names.


He is a great pick for modeling because of his facial features and his natural ability to get used to the lime light quickly. The first shoot for his modeling gig is proof that he has no trouble being in front of the camera.

After gaining overnight fame, Arshad now wants to pursue a modeling career and even appear in films if he ever gets a role.