Indian Content On TV Channels Banned By PEMRA

UPDATE: PEMRA has just announced a change in the previous ban order. Now the entity is saying that it will follow the format India has adopted for Pakistani content. In simple words, Pakistani channels will be allowed to air Indian content but the airtime will be adjusted exactly to the airtime India is giving to Pakistani content.

It was decided in the 119th session in Islamabad that PEMRA will allow airtime of Indian content if India agrees the same.

A summary report has been sent to the federal government requesting that the government make the airtime of Indian content conditional matching that of the conditions placed by India.


Pakistani Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has just announced a crackdown against the broadcast of all illegal Indian channels being broadcasted in Pakistan along with banning content. The ban will be in effect starting from October 15.

PEMRA has also announced that strict action will be taken against channels and any distribution networks that violate the ban order after 15th October. A monetary penalty is being also set for channels violating the orders.

PEMRA used their official Twitter account to make the announcement

In a statement, PEMRA’s chairman said that Pakistani channels are suffering huge losses due to illegal businesses that are broadcasting Indian channels on private cable. He also added that constant display of Indian content is disturbing the social norms and cultural values of Pakistan.

PEMRA also recently issued a circular binding on TV channels that observed the law of airing 6% Indian content and 4% foreign content during a given day.


Pakistani Cinema’s Have Also Stopped Displaying Bollywood Movies


Rising tensions between Pakistan and India has led to India banning Pakistani artists in their country. As a result, the cinema industry of Pakistan has produced a fitting response by completely taking off Bollywood movies from exhibition in Pakistan.

A new schedule posted by Pakistan’s largest cinema chain, Cinepax, proves that the film industry is serious in showing support to the Pakistani Army. The cinema is now exhibiting only Pakistani films.

Both countries have previously also banned each other’s content when tensions rise. But previously, content ban had only damaged Pakistan because there was very little cinematic content available to exhibit in cinemas. But this time around, Pakistan has tons of films of its own to display.