Here’s The First Trailer Of Sheesh Ghar (The Glassworker) Anime Trailer

The Glassworker is Pakistan’s first hand drawn anime being made by Usman Riaz, a composer turned animator.

It was a dream project of Usman’s which is now becoming a reality thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which secured $116,000. This was twice the amount Usman had hoped to raise.


Today, the first trailer of Sheesh Ghar was released. This trailer is for the prologue of the anime film. The prologue is set to release in the summer of 2017 after which the full release of the film will follow.

The Glassworker is being made under the banner of Mano Animation Studios. The story is about a young boy called Vincent who is learning the art of glassworking from his father.

As the child grows, he begins to slowly fall in love with a girl who is a frequent visitor to the shop.


The story will unfold as the two grow up and face the challenges of life and their relationship. It will also discuss the effects of war on children.

The soundtrack, a completely orchestral offering, is also being composed and done by Usman Riaz.