Google Introduces Pixel – A Smartphone Made By Google

Last night, Google unveiled its first ever Smartphone, the Google Pixel. Ditching the Nexus name, this time around Google has worked on both the software and hardware of the phone itself. Previously Google would partner with other smartphone manufacturers to release a flagship set.


A powerful phone with a complete package

According to Google, the Pixel holds the highest rated camera ever on a Smartphone, a battery that lasts longer than most phones and unlimited free storage for all the photos and videos you capture through it. Moreover, it is the first Smartphone to come preinstalled with Google Assistant, a voice activated assistant.

Pixel is preinstalled with Google Assistant, the only phone of its kind


The Google assistant is a new voice activated assistant just like Siri and Cortana on iPhone and Windows.

The assistant will help you:

Get answers – You can find out the local places near you or ask the assistant if it is going to rain in the upcoming days or ever ask it see if your favorite sports team won their match last night.

Manage tasks – it will allow you to set reminders, make dinner reservations or text valuable information to your friends without typing.

Entertainment – Google Assistant will help you play music of your favorite artist and then find out if they will be near your town for a tour.

Quickly find photos – Ask the assistant to quickly find photos on your phone by simply recalling the memory or day they were taken.

Keep travel records – If you travel a lot, Google Assistant can help you manage your flight schedule or help you find addresses to local hotels and other places to visit.

Pixel Features A Powerful Camera


Google has produced one of the highest rated cameras on a smartphone. The Pixel camera scored 89 DxOMark score, a way to judge the performance of a camera. This is the highest rating a smartphone camera has ever reached.

Technical specs of the camera are as follows:

  • 12.3 MP for sharp and crisp images
  • Large 1.55um pixels for excellent shots in any kind of light
  • f/2.0 Aperture for brighter photos

Unlimited storage for all the photos and videos you capture


Google has promised that with Pixel, you will never have to face the ‘storage if almost full’ warning message. They have included free unlimited storage for all your photos and videos over the cloud.

Facetime like application that works cross platform

google-duoA new application called the Google Duo will come preinstalled in Pixel. It is a facetime like application that will connect two phones via video chat. The app will also be available on iPhones.

Design of the Google Pixel


The Pixel is exclusively made by Google. It has both software and hardware that was worked on by Google engineers.

The design features

  • A seamless glass-aluminium body carrying smooth surfaces and curved edges for easy grip
  • On the back of the phone Google has installed Pixel Imprint, a fingerprint detector that will allow you to quickly unlock your phone by swiping on it or access your notifications easily.
  • Pixel features a very sharp and brilliant AMOLED display that has true blacks and a 16.77 million colors profile.
  • Pixel also features a rapid charging battery that gives you 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes of charge.
  • Pixel will run on Android 7.1 Nougat

Switching from other phones will no longer require a PC


In order to help you move from your previous Android powered device or an iPhone, Google is packing a Quick Switch Adapter with the Pixel.

The quick switch adapter allows you to connect the Pixel with any other phone and transfer all your data via the data cable. No PC is necessary for this process.

Pixel is available in 3 colors with several custom made cases by Google

The Pixel will launch in 3 colors:

  • Quite Black
  • Very Silver
  • Really Blue (US only)


Apart from the basic colors, Google has also introduced Pixel cases with varying designs that offer protection and style for your phone.

Google Pixel features DayDream VR – A direct competitor to Samsung Gear VR


Partnered with Google Pixel, the company also launched a new VR headset ‘DayDream View’. This new headset will only work with phones that support DayDream View.

The VR headset is aimed at casual VR users allowing them to watch immersive 3D content and play video games. The headset will also feature a remote control and will be separately sold for $79