Facebook Releases Lite Version Of Messenger App For Emerging Markets

Facebook Inc has just announced the release of their Facebook Messenger Lite application. The popular messenger app which is widely used around the world to communicate with Facebook friends will now allow people to use it only for chatting with friends.

The move came as a result of Facebook’s aim to provide accessible internet to countries where internet is slow.

Messenger Lite uses very little internet data and is designed to work in areas where internet connection is slow. The full version of the application requires a lot of data to operate and countries like Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Malaysia and Kenya will now have easier access to the application.


More countries will be added later

Facebook already has a lite version of their main application which is widely used in areas with slow internet connection. With the new lite messenger app, people will be able to easily connect to their friends on Facebook without the added features of voice and video calling, which requires a lot of bandwidth and powerful smartphones to operate.


The company has previously enabled other emerging markets to access internet through their ‘Free Basics’ program. This program, in partner with cellular companies, allow people to access the core parts of the internet without using up their data. Popular sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and other essentials can be used for free on your phone.

Now with the Facebook Messenger Lite, people will be able to connect easily to friends and family without the worry of ever using up too much data or having a powerful smartphone to run the application.

According to chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s main mission is to provide everyone in the world a way to connect to the internet and this is just one of the steps they have taken for accessibility of internet.