Its Confirmed, Starbucks Is Not Coming To Pakistan

Earlier we reported that Starbucks may be joining the Pakistan network of coffee.

Unfortunately, today it has been confirmed that Starbucks have no plans of expanding into Pakistan – as of yet.

The original report was cited out by a news site in Pakistan. It quickly became the center of attention for many coffee lovers in Pakistan. Consequently, the story was picked up by several other blogs and websites in Pakistan. Some even confirmed that Starbucks was coming to either Karachi or Islamabad.


The company officially sent out a statement saying they have no plans at this time to expand to Pakistan.

Will these rumors cause starbucks to rethink?

Starbucks may not be launching in Pakistan any time soon. But they are now aware of the fact that the Pakistani public is definitely very interested in getting a Starbucks in their country.

We hope this news will capture the interest of folks behind the chain and they might finally consider opening up a store in Pakistan.

After all, our neighbours, India and China are both enjoying Starbucks while we have to wait.

Starbucks entered India in 2012. Now we are hoping the next Asian country on their list of expansions is Pakistan.

Sorry folks, for now you’ll have to stick to Gloria Jeans and Coffee Planet for your coffee needs.