Chinese Company Has Made It Essential For Female Staff To Kiss Their Boss Every Morning

A local company based in Tongzhou District, Beijing China that sells home brewery machinery has made it mandatory for female staff members to kiss the company’s boss every morning.

According to the company, it will enhance the ‘corporate culture’ and unite the staff together.

And yes, they have to kiss the boss on the lips.

Half of the staff are female


Half of company’s staff is comprised of females. A new memo was placed on the board that requires the females to line up in the office lobby at around 9:00 to 9:30 just to kiss the boss.

90% female staff accepted the ceremony


The morning ceremony of kissing the boss was accepted by 90% of the female staff. They did this in fear of not losing their jobs. The company requires the staff to kiss the boss or they will be terminated. Only 2 of the staff members denied to follow the trend. They had to resign the company.


When asked why kissing the boss was made necessary, the company head said that he traveled to the United States and witnessed this practice in a company. He claims that this practice generated cohesion within the staff of the company. Hence he implemented this into his company.

He also said that with this practice, the staff and the boss can bond together ‘like fish and water’.

No such requirement was placed on the male staff.