BeaconHouse School System Comes Under Fire After Calling ‘Punjabi’ A Foul Language

BeaconHouse School System which is one of Pakistan’s top schools has become under fire after calling the Punjabi language foul and banning it from usage at the campus.

Below image of a document was released from Sahiwal Boys Campus:


It comes at a surprise because Sahiwal is a city located in Central Punjab where Punjabi is the most common and widely spoken language.

Even more Punjabi is the native language of more than a 100 million people all over the world and is the 10th most widely spoken language.

People over the internet expressed concerns and warned BeaconHouse to take back the released circular

The internet took on Twitter to protest against the circular released by BeaconHouse. Some of the tweets can be read below:

If you’re not happy with BeaconHouse, you can use the hashtag #actagainstBeaconhouse to protest on Twitter too.