The 8 Of The Biggest Microsoft Announcements You Should Know About

It seems Microsoft is serious about targeting the creative audience with its products. During its live event just a couple of days ago, Microsoft made a series of announcements targeted towards the content creators.

These new products will give content creators and creative directors new ways to bring content to life. We have covered 8 of the biggest announcements made during the live event of Microsoft.

Windows 10 Creators Update


A new major update for Windows 10 will be made available early 2017. The update includes the addition of many new features. The update will add live streaming and custom tournaments to your Xbox app, new 3D creation tools and much more.

3D Paint


Microsoft is relaunching the paint application with a brand new outlook and better features. The paint apps main focus is on 3D development. You will now be able to doodle in 3D. This will help creators use VR devices and Microsoft HoloLens with paint.

Windows VR Headset


Adding to new peripherals, Microsoft has also decided to enter the VR industry with its latest Windows VR headset. Starting at $299, this VR headset is by far the most affordable from the ones available. This is because the VR set does not have built in screens, instead it has sensors that are directly connected to the PC. The headset will also be made by third party partners like Dell, Lenovo and others.

Xbox Live Streaming


From now on, once you get the Windows 10 Creators update, you will be able to live stream games from your Xbox app.

Windows People


Microsoft is also adding a new way to communicate with your loved ones. You will be able to interact with important people directly from your task bar.

Surface Studio


The highlight of the event was Mac like desktop PC targeted towards creative content developers. We did a detailed post on what the Surface Studio is.

Surface Dial


The Surface Dial is a brand new PC accessories specifically designed to work with the Surface Studio PC. It allows users to select items from a menu when they touch the device with the screen. You can also adjust a lot of other things using the dial. The dial will be sold separately for $99.99.

Surface Book i7


The last year’s Surface Book will now be upgraded with an Intel’s i7 processors and a better battery. It will be available for $2.399 starting November.