Does Wattie, The New Device That Cuts Of Electricity Bills By 25% In Pakistan Really Work?

By now you may have come across this nifty little device ‘Wattie’ from a Pakistani startup which claims to cut 25% on your electricity bills.

But does it really?

It definitely can. However, if you were thinking its a magical device that somehow works on its own to reduce and manage electricity, you were wrong.

Wattie isn’t something that automatically manages electricity for you. There is manual effort required from your side.


What the device does is it simply connects to your electricity meters and then shows you a detailed breakdown of how much energy you are using through electronic appliances.

Can It Really Help You Save 25% on Bills?

Yes! If not exactly 25%, there is potential of saving bills. And if you are a perfectionist, you may even save more than 25%.



Because you get detailed data on what’s consuming the power at your home. For example, if your TV is on standby, it is still consuming electricity. The device will tell you exactly how much it is being consumed and how you can turn stuff off to save money on electricity bills.

If that’s not enough, Fictive Labs, the company behind Wattie collects energy data from the device through the internet and sends you detailed reports on how much you can expect to pay in bills in the coming month end.

All the data collected from Wattie is sent to a nifty little mobile app that is installed on your mobile phone. From there on you can manage electricity at home and save on bills!


Pricing Structure of Wattie

Fortunately for you, the Wattie device comes at a very, very affordable price of only RS. 2,900. But you have to get data subscription which costs RS. 300 for 4 months. That means a total of RS. 1,200 every year.

Is it worth it? Yes. Even with RS. 1,200, you still get to save around RS 3500 on your Rs 14,000 bill during summers!

On top of that if you order the device immediately, you will get free subscription for 2 years!

For device installation, you can hire a professional or contact the peeps at Wattie to help you with the process.

If Wattie isn’t your thing, try generating your own electricity if you are in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.