This Pakistani Butcher Is Setting Social Media On Fire With His Meat Skinning Skills

Zahid Qureshi, a seasoned butcher from Karachi Pakistan has a talent that is leaving everyone in a state of shock. With just simple tools, he can skin and extract the meat of an animal without breaking a single bone in the process.

This Eid Ul Adha, zahid was invited by an owner of a camel to not only help with the sacrifice, but also extract the meat and skin to show his talent.

Once Zahid is done with the animal, heĀ leaves the skeleton of the hangingĀ in front of owner’s home and for others to see.


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Skinning Camels Is An Art For Zahid

In an interview to local news channel, Zahid revealed that he is an expert when it comes to skinning and extracting meat from a camel without breaking a single bone. He only does this once a year, mostly on bakra Eid.

Zahid has been working as an artistic butcher in Karachi for the last 17 years and he has skinned and extracted meat from 17 camels so far.


He has openly challenged everyone in the country to show the same talent as he as. He believes there is no one in the country who can do something like this.


He also said that he has been challenged by someone in Hydrabad to show his skills. He will be rewarded a 125 Bike plus 2 Lakh cash prize if he wins.

The owner of the camel was also interviewed. Upon being asked why he chose Zahid as a butcher for his camel, he said that he wanted to promote the unique talent of zahid in Pakistan.