On The Occaision Of 6th September, The Movie Maalik Has Been Cleared For Screening

Maalik was released on 8th April, 2016. But soon after it’s release, the movie was banned by the Federal Information Industry.

The movie tells the story of an SSG officer who after retiring and going through intense tragedy decides to start a private security company with a few of his retired colleauges in Karachi. They form the company and then together vow to free the society around them of all the evils.

The Ministry of Information however saw it unfit for screening because it showed a former chief minister as a man of corruption.


Later on the movie was also barred from being screened anywhere else in the world as the director was preparing for international launch. The movie was going to be screened in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Middle East.

Sindh High Court Un-Bans Maalik

Following the ban by Federal Information Industry, the director of the film, Ashir Azeem challenged the ban in Sindh High Court. Today, the court headed by Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, with a two judge bench announced that Maalik is clear for screening.


Will the Film Be Re-Released In Pakistan?

Currently Ashir has expressed no views whether he will try to bring back the movie to the cinemas. Maalik only lasted 3 weeks at the box office before it ran into troubles with censor board.

But one thing is for sure, Maalik will definitely be played overseas now and a possible digital release will also come in Pakistan for those of you who missed the movie.