This New Upcoming Piece Of Technology Aims To Create A Shield Around You Blocking Incoming And Outgoing Sound

Tired of not sleeping at night because there is too much noise outside? Those of us who live in a busy area or an area where construction is common, we often find it really hard to sleep because of the noises outside.

Do you hate talking in public because privacy matters to you a lot? Or do you love listening to loud music but can’t due to your folks at home constantly asking you to lower the music volume? Can’t watch movies at home with a theater system installed because the noises disturb others?

A device is coming to provide you a solution.

Meet Muzo, Your Personal Sound Barrier


Celestial Tribe, a company based in San Francisco, United States have developed a piece of technology in the form of a small device that may have a solution for all the problems mentioned above.

This nifty little gadget creates a small invisible shield around you that blocks all incoming and outgoing sound as long as you stay in the barrier radius.

Muzo is one of the first of its kind acoustic device that uses Anti Vibration Technology to prevents objects from vibrating, which in return causes disturbances around it to minimize.

Moreover, it uses Billionsound Technology which generates realistic sounds at a scene that is capable of drowning intrusive noises. Whether you want to enjoy serenity and calmness or want to trance out to the sound of pure nature, you will get it through the device.

The device uses three mods:



  • Sleep mode: Creates artificial calming sounds to help you sleep better.


  • Secret mode: Protects your speech by creating a barrier that blocks incoming and outgoing speech.


  • Serenity mode: Creates pin drop silence inside the barrier.

Watch the video below for more details:

Muzo was recently successfully funded through kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns. Its release date is still a mystery.