Is The Bus Rapid Transit System In Peshawar Really Worth It Considering The Amount Of Checkposts In The City?

Peshawar is about to introduce the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system for the citizens. Although it is a great project that will make everyone’s life a lot easier, the real question is, will it really be rapid enough for the people considering the amount of security checkposts it will have to go through?

The problem is real. There are at least 10 checkpoints operating on the route of the bus which can cause a lot of delay because of traffic being jammed on the way.

Even the original design document of the system highlighted this issue, but no solution has been brought forward.


The bus will be going through checkpoints that are located on the following locations:

  • Khyber Road
  • Gora Qabristan
  • Railway Road
  • Mall Road
  • Mall Road West
  • Fakhar-e-Alam Road
  • Mall Road East
  • Bara Road
  • Hayatabad
  • Karkhano
  • Peshawar Press Club


What Is The Possible Solution?

According to the advisor to Chief Minister on Information Mushtaq Ghani, discussions are going on which will aim to sort out the issue that might cause delays to the BRT.

He has assured that security will be ensured at all costs. Which may mean the bus may have to go through the security checkposts afterall. But he also said that a solution is being discussed where the bus will be not stopped for checking at the checkposts.

The total length of the route is 27 kilometers with around 4 kilometers with elevated portion. These elevated portions may go as high as 6 kilometers in length when the project is completed.

Since the main aim of the bus service is to help passengers save time, the government is trying best to come up with a solution to cut off delays.

The Bus Rapid Transit System will begin constructing in January 2017. It will be completed by the end of the same year.