After Almost An Year Of Unbanned YouTube, Google Is Finally Set To Officially Launch YouTube Pakistan Through An Event

YouTube was banned in Pakistan for 3 long years following blasphemous content. The ban was lifted this year as Google introduced a localized version of YouTube for Pakistanis.

Now according to official sources, Google is all set to officially launch YouTube Pakistan through an event held in Karachi.

YouTube Pakistan Will Be Officially Launched


Google is all set to hold a YouTube launch event in karachi where it is hoping to attract people who create digital content in the country.

The company aims to bring about content creators, advertisers, brands and marketers to the YouTube community in Pakistan.

Apparently, the 3 year ban on YouTube caused people to find new sources to create content and publish it to the public. During this time, the internet in Pakistan saw the rise of many digital content creators like Zaid Ali T, Bekaar Films and more. All these content creators had no choice but to use Facebook as a medium to reach Pakistani community through their videos.


Now Google aims to bring people like these to the event so that they can start using YouTube in favor of Facebook.

Another reason for Google to take YouTube Pakistan so seriously is that the company sells its homepage banner for about $3,500 to $5,000 per day.

Will YouTube be able to take over the popularity of Facebook videos in Pakistan? Let’s wait and see what it has to offer to the digital community of Pakistan.