Watch: Umair Jaswal Thrashed Ali Azmat In Just 15 Words

UPDATE: This was all fake after all, read more.

Shots were fired yesterday in a leaked video of Ali Azmat talking about young Pakistani Musicians. It seems the rock star had a lot to say about the current music industry and it’s young musicians. Let’s just say he wasn’t quite happy with what’s going on and ended up saying the following:

Check out new videos of both stars in this updated post

(Umair Jaswal Video Response Is At The End)

In the video below, Ali can be clearly heard saying

Aisay hee star koi thora ban jata hai cheekhain maar kay. O bhai ganay bananay partay hain aur phir continuously ganay bananay partay hain

Then he takes on singers who turned actors

Do mahinay ganay nahi banay toh dramay mein aa gaye. Hit ho gaye. Dramay mein hit ho gaye toh star ban gaye

Then he finally takes a jab at Umair Jaswal when the guy sitting next to him brings Sami Meri Vaar which was a huge hit.

Bhai uska apna gana hai? Sami Meri Waar batain mujhay kiska gana hai? Wo aik folk gana hai chalra hai uskay undher branananana (inaudible) ulta ker ke chala dia hai. Samjh nai ayi

Full video appeared on The Express Tribune

Umair Jaswal Immediately Took Notice

It wasn’t too long until the news spread and Jaswal took a notice of it. He posted the following on his official Facebook Page.

The post was obviously met with angry fans of the rock star/actor. People were quick to support Umair and label Azmat as ‘ arrogant, headstrong, rude, a bit too straightforward’.

Soon afterwards Umair Jaswal released a video response in which he can be seen delivering a message to Ali Azmat and then to his angry fans.

To Ali Azmat, he said

You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you can’t force it on anyone. That’s what I believe and it’s time ke aap bhi future mein aa jain, aur you know, relevant hojain.

To His Fans

Koi baath Nai Hai, Buzurg Aadmi Hai, Maaf Kerdo, Ho Jata Hai Kabhi Kabaar

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What will be the response of Ali Azmat after this direct message? Keep checking back for updates.