Watch: Meet The First Pakistani Kid To Get A Fully Functional 3D Printed Hand

3D printing is becoming quite common in the world. 3D printers are allowing us to build things previously impossible by using blueprints and accurately printing things in the real world. While 3D printers are also taking away several jobs away from the people as computers are replacing common labour, elsewhere it is also helping people change lives. One such story comes from Pakistan.

Meet Mir Bayyan Baloch, The Kid From Pakistan Who Received A 3D Printed Arm And Changed His Life Forever


Mir Bayyan Baloch, child of Mir Umar Baloch was born without a right hand. But his parents did not give up on hope. When the child reached five years of age, his father had already started looking for alternatives to help him get a prosthetic arm. That’s when he reached out to Bioniks, a prosthetics provider company.

Bioniks Collaborated With Xplorer 3D and To Give Bayyaan A Fully Functional 3D printed Hand


The three companies, Xplorer 3D (3D printer manufacturers), (3D printer retailers) and Bioniks (prosthetics providers) collaborated to give Bayyaan something that would change his life for ever; a fully functional 3D printed hand.

The hand was actually acquired from Unlimbited, a company Bayyaan’s father found on the internet. They provided prosthetics for people who had no hand but had a functional elbow, a perfect partner for the case of Bayyan.

After finding the perfect prosthetic for his child, Umer reached out to Bioniks in Pakistan who used the Xplorer 3D printer installed at the NED University of Engineering and Technology to print the arm design acquired from Unlimbited. They then worked hard to adjust the arm to fit the child perfectly.

Bayyaan Is Now Able To Shake Hands, Give High Fives And Even Hold Objects Which Was Previously Impossible

The hard work of the four companies involved and unbeatable determination of the child’s father has changed Bayaans life for ever. The child is now able to live his life just like any other child in this world. He is able to hold objects to some extent, hold hands, give high fives and even boast about his ‘Iron Man’ like arm. Below is a video that shows the journey and excitement of the child receiving his prosthetic arm.

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