Watch: Disney Is Set To Launch Most Loved Cartoon Character Emojis

Love texting? Texting is quite bland without the use of emojis. It is nearly impossible to express yourself without a graphic expression and that’s where emojis have taken the text communication to a whole new level.

With emojis getting more and more popular across different text to text based communication platforms, more and more big names are introducing their own set of emojis. The latest to enter this trend is none other than Disney.

Disney is all set to launch 400 different emojis based on their most popular cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Alice, Lilo, Stitch, Little Mermaid and more.

But before you get excited, acquiring these emojis requires you to play a video game on your mobile phone which is called ”Disney Emoji Blitz”. As you make progress through the video game, more and more emojis will be unlocked and you can then use them on your Android or iOS powered devices.

Here is a short teaser video Disney released for its new game and emojis set. The release date is still not revealed, but it is coming very soon.