The Whole Of Pakistan Is Going Insane Over This PCB’s Misbah Push Up Challenge

Not just too long ago Pakistan cricket team toppled the English team on Sunday in an historic win by 75 runs in the first test match in the iconic Lord’s stadium. Even though Pakistan winning is an excitement in its own form, what really excited the world was how they celebrated their victory.

Misbah, The Man Who Started The Trend

Earlier in the test, Misbah celebrated in similar fashion when he scored a hundred against England. He did 10 push-ups and paid respect to the army. The 42 year old cricketer revealed that he promised the army guys back in Pakistan that if he scored a hundred in the first test match, he would do 10 push-ups for them.

PCB Starts The Misbah Push-Up Challenge

Just a few days ago, the official Twitter page of Pakistan Cricket Board started an unsual trend. They asked the fans to post a video of 10 push-ups for Pakistan and label it with the hashtag #PushUpChallenge. They also asked the fans to then dare their freinds to beat them in the number of push-ups.

Today, the pushup challenge spontaneously went viral when all of a sudden a trend started on Twitter with the hashtag #MisbahPushUpChallenge.

Several Pakistanis including celebrities took on the challenge. Here is a Collection of all the tributes that appeared on Twitter.



Then There Were Of Course Some People Who Couldn’t Stop Themselves From Having Some Fun