New Mahnoor Baloch Pictures Show She Still Looks Younger Than Her Daughter

Celebrities are very well known across the globe to keep themselves from looking old. This could be due their healthier lifestyles or plastic surgeries. But when it comes to our own Mahnoor Baloch, no one from around the world can beat her in ‘still’ looking younger than their own daughter even when they have aged 51 years old.

Mahnoor Recently Shared Some Pictures Of Her Vacationing In Greece

While Mahnoor is no longer often seen in the showbiz, the star still posts her photos from time to time. Just a few days ago she released her photos from vacationing in Greece on her official instagram account and entire Pakistan went crazy. Have a look below:

Bayon temple.#cambodia

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Emerald grotto..Italy

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At the entrance of the Angkor temples #cambodia

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Lantau island. #hongkong

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Florence: My first cannoli! ?

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Mahnoor Baloch Vs. Her Daughter

Now that you’ve seen Mahnoor in her 52nd th year. We couldn’t help but compare her to her daughter

Mahnoor-Baloch-daughter Mahnoor-Baloch-&-Her-Daughter-In-2000-&-Now07485195_2016313132250

Mahnoor Baloch Then Vs. Now

And of course we also couldn’t help but compare her from today to the 90s when she was actively working in TV

Here’s a clip from her drama YEH ZINDIGI

And here is a clip from her recent work

And ofcourse more picture comparisons

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After looking at these, one can only imagine, what in the world does Mahnoor do to look so young? Seems this is a mystery no one will ever be able to solve.