Here Are Some Shocking Images Of Qandeel Baloch When She Was Married And Had A Son

A shocker took place today when a man claimed to be the ex-husband of Qandeel baloch appeared on live television with shocking claims.

While this news was quickly deemed fake in the first few minutes of release, Qandeel Baloch stepped into have her say. She admitted that she was indeed married to a man and had a son with him.

According to her interview on Express, she said that her husband used to beat her. She gave the interview as soon as her husband, Aashiq Hussain came forward with the claim that Qandeel is her Ex-wife.

Although Qandeel has admitted that she was married and had a son, she also said that her husband never revealed to her son that she was his mother. She also said that it was a forced marriage.

Below is an image of Qandeel Baloch with Aashiq on their wedding day:


Qandeel’s Marriage Was A Love Marriage

Aashiq denied the Qandeel’s forced marriage claims and said that she was in love with him. He said that he still holds love letter from the internet sensation written with her own blood.


Hussain insisted that she wanted to have a car and bungalow from him.

Qandeel on the other hand said that she wanted a divorce from her husband because she wanted to pursue further studies even after she was forcibly married.

Qandeel And Her Son

Qandeel also claimed that her ex-husband regularly tortured her which made her run away from her home along with her son. She took safe refuge in Darul Aman.

When asked why she returned her son back to her husband, she replied saying that her son fell gravely ill and she couldn’t afford his treatment. But now she is ready to fight back.

Left: Aashiq Hussain. Right: Qandeel's Son Image: 24 News
Left: Aashiq Hussain. Right: Qandeel’s Son
Image: 24 News

Qandeel Baloch’s Real Name Revealed

It was also revealed that Qandeel’s actual name is Fauzia Azeem. You can see the image below to confirm the name:


From the pictures above it is really hard to believe that this is the same person who featured in the recently released video of the song Ban

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