Muslims Building Church For Christian Neighbours Shows No One Supports Tragic Events Like Orlando Massacre

After the tragic events in Orlando, many are once again pointing fingers towards the muslims with hate. While there are just a few demented and twisted human beings, the rest of the Islamic world only knows 1 thing; Peace. The following story will prove that not everyone incites hate.

In the northeastern part of Punjab province in Pakistan, muslim villagers are helping their christian brothers and sisters to build a church by raising funds.

The initiative began shortly before Easter this year when a group of villagers from Faisalabad decided to help out.

There are about 20 families in the village that will benefit from having a church, a place to worship.

Right now, the christian villagers have to arrange for a home where they gather to worship.

Before we had to rent or borrow a house in which to hold Christmas, Easter and other festivities – Faryad Masih, a christian villager.

But now we will soon have our own chapel. At first I didn’t believe it when Muslim community leaders said they would build us a chapel, But to my surprise, construction work began within one month of the initial announcement.Our community’s longtime dream is now coming true – he added.


The Christian community is Pakistan’s largest religious minority which represents 3% of the total population of the country.