LG’s New TV Will Cure Away Your Mosquito Woes

Mosquitos are perhaps the most annoying aspects of Summer in Pakistan. We already have to deal with unforgivable load shedding by Wapda and excruciating heat. Mosquitos don’t really make things any better for us. In fact, Mosquitos in Pakistan have evolved into such dangerous creatures that they have taken away thousands of lives in Pakistan by spreading life threatening diseases like Malaria and Dengue.

One brand understands the problems of Pakistanis and decided to fight back the Mosquito problem in the most weird and unique manner you could think of.

LG has just launched a new television in India (expected in Pakistan too) which is equipped with a ‘Mosquito Away Technology’.

LG wants you to ditch the chemical sprays that are harmful to our health and use the television to repel mosquitos. They have installed a new technology that uses ultrasonic sound waves to send mosquitos flying back to where they came from.

The technology is chemical free and does not rely on any shoddy methods that are harmful to health. The technology also doesn’t require you to refill any liquids or as such.

In Pakistan, Dawlance is already producing appliances pre installed with insect repellents.


Fun Fact

The television also comes with a Bollywood mode that optimizes the picture and sound quality to match Indian movies (oh! so useful!)