Khaadi Isn’t Far Behind When It Comes To Ramadan Campaign

Ramadan in Pakistan is often misused by Pakistanis in very weird ways. While some people aim to generate as much profit as they can from selling expensive food, others tend to milk cash by hypnotizing people on television channels. Whether it’s a Ramadan transmission, a superstore or a mobile phone business, everyone is cashing something in the name of Ramadan.

Now Khaadi has launched their own Ramadan Campaign, which isn’t labeled Ramadan Campaign (thanks god!) but it still has element of religion in it.

Khaadi has chosen Ramadan to go traditional by launching their new campaign which promotes their Headscarf line.

These scarves have always been available for purchase through Khaadi, but now they are being brought to the light due to the ‘Holy’ month of Ramadan.

But in all light, the headscarves line from Khaadi is pretty impressive especially if you are someone who actively wears them. They released a video that features Model Mahnoor who styles the scarves in different and attractive ways.

It is definitely going to attract consumers who actively wear headscarves because no matter what, the printed and hand made scarves are definitely worth checking out.