Huawei Is About To Play A Game That It May Never Win

Report: Huawei is working on its in-house operating system to replace Android on its smartphones. This will put the company directly in competition with the world giant OS Android.

If we look at history, a few notable names like Nokia, RIM Blackberry and Samsung tried to do the same but ended up with utter failure. Samsung was the most recent of the victims who tried to break the chains of fixed operating system by working on Tizen OS, it’s own operating system.

Reports suggest that Huawei is preparing for the future because it can never be known when Google decides to put additional restrictions on their OS like they have already done so.

Currently, the chinese mega smartphone maker has been using a high customized version of Android which uses its own theme, skin, EMUI and other things.

Many have even accused Huawei for copying the UI of Apple iOS. In order to change that, Huawei has already hired an ex-Apple designer who will try to refresh the image of the OS on Huawei phones.

But the real question is, can Huawei succeed where other Titanic companies have failed? Only time will tell.