Dawewoo Express Launches Gold Class Bus Service On Islamabad To Lahore Route

After the launch of Pakistan’s first premium bus service, Q Connect, many had set eyes on Daewoo Express. The bus service is perhaps the most popular services in Pakistan, usually known for pioneering luxury buses in the country.

But after so many years of operation, Daewoo didn’t do anything to improve their service or offer more features. Now there are several companies that are offering the same luxurious services under better fares and more facilities like tablets installed on each and every seat + Wi-Fi capabilities.

Following the launch of Q-Connect, Daewoo has finally decided to upgrade their busses to fight back competition and survive in this growing business.

The company has just launched it’s first Gold Class luxury service which adds salient features to their busses.

Now travellers can enjoy better seats, more leg space, better food and tablets on each and every seat with Wi-Fi.

To launch its new service, Daewoo has also released a video that can be seen below:

[fbvideo url=”http://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1021866224529977″]

Gold class is currently only available on the ISB to LHR route and the fare is RS 1,500 only. A much better rate compared to Q-connect which charges 3000+ on the same route. But can daewoo really beat the luxuries offered by Q-Connect?