Xiaomi Officially Launches In Pakistan With First Flagship Store

Xiaomi has quickly become a global brand when it comes to Smartphones and other gadgets and accessories. The demands for their products have risen so dramatically in recent times that it has left behind industry giants like Huawei, Apple and Samsung in India and China. They are known for producing quality eccentric and affordable products.

CheezMall has just announced on its Facebook page that it has launched Xiaomi’s first official flagship store in Pakistan. The store will initially start by cataloging popular Xiaomi accessory products which can be purchased directly from CheezMall.com.

Pakistani customers who are interested in buying Xiaomi products can now shop with peace of mind because these are 100% genuine Xiaomi products. With their official launch here in Pakistan, it also means you will now be able to avail full product warranties and after sales services that come with every product.

For now, no smartphones by Xiaomi are available to purchase. You can only by accessories that are approved by PTA.

The smartphones are expected to launch later after they are approved by PTA.

For now, you can purchase the following accessories:

  • Fashion accessories for mobiles
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Health and fitness gadgets
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Power Banks
  • Flash Storage


There are also plenty of deals on CheezMall for Xiaomi products. Below are some of the sweet stuff produced by Xiaomi in pictures.

Health and Fitness Smart Wristbands
Bluetooth Speakers
xiaomi_smart_home_outfit_a (3)
Smart home solutions
Power Bank