Whatsapp To Introduce Video Calling Soon

Whatsapp continues to grow with millions of users across the globe. Ever since it launched voice calling on the application, talks of video calling has been on the rise. Now a couple of screenshots have appeared where the Whatsapp application seems to be supporting video calling.

This is also evident from the fact that the new beta version of the application on Play Store now gives you two options when you try to voice call someone; Audio call and Video call.

However, it is important to note that this feature isn’t available to everyone as of yet, certainly not in Pakistan yet. Only a few countries around the world have selected users who can use the Video call option, others can only see it without any┬ápossible interaction.


This could be due to a server issue right now or Whatsapp simply wants to test the feature using selected users to see how it works. Whatsapp and Facebook are known to test out features in selected countries before globally launching them.

But with images appearing over the internet showing the video call interface of Whatsapp, it can only mean one thing; Whatsapp is set to launch video chat feature for millions of its users over the world, gradually.


You can check the beta version of the app which is available on Google Play Store temporarily. The new version has already started rolling out which disables the video call option for those who are not selected to participate in testing.