Watch Who Wins The Tug Of War Match Between Pakistan Cricket Team And Pakistan Army

The Pakistani cricket players recently entered a summer boot camp for two weeks under the Pakistan Army in Abbottabad. Reports suggested that the cricket players found it really tough to get used to the strenuous regimes of the Army training camp but they soon got used to it and started enjoying their time there.

Pakistan’s T20 captain admitted that the first few days of the camp were very tough for the team and they had to work really hard.

The camp is amazing and we are enjoying it. When we came here, the first few days were quite tough but now day by day improvements are becoming visible and the boys are enjoying the camp now.

The only concern was that Pakistan players would get injured during their training because of the hardcore regime. But a recent video released officially by the PCB shows an opposite picture.

The video shows the Pakistani cricket team taking on the Pakistani Army Jawaans in a one on one Tug of War competition. The video below can be seen with wicketkeeper batsman Muhammad Rizwan acting like a referee.

If you’re curious who won the match, watch the video below

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