Watch: This Is What Arrow’s Stephen Amell Has To Say About Pakistan

Stephen Amell who is best known for his role in CW/DC’s The Arrow television series met Deefee Productions, a Pakistani production house run by Fatima and Darakhshan based in Lahore.

Last year, Deefee Productions sent a very unique video showing Stephen Amell being drawn by only using Tea (chai ki patti). This immediately Amell’s attention and he couldn’t help but love it.

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This year, Fatima, one of the two sisters running the production house met Amell again and made an awesome video that you should check out below.

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Stephen Amell is quite aware of his fan following from Pakistan. He knows this from the popularity of his Facebook page in the region. And he had only good words to say about us. He also showed interest in visiting Pakistan someday.

Amell reprises the role of popular DC comic book superhero ‘The Green Arrow’. Even though The Arrow doesn’t have any inhuman superpowers, he is well trained to fight crime and mostly uses his billion dollar wealth to come up with gadgets to fight the bad guys, kinda like Batman.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, now is the perfect time to start.