Watch: These Guys Are Turning Vintage Vespas Into Pure Awesomness

A company based in Islamabad’s I-10 sector is doing something unusual with old worn out vespas.

Vintagevespa buys out old worn out vespas and re-engineer them to bring them back to life. But there’s a twist. The team’s focus is to breathe new life into vespas by completely changing their outlook.

Here’s what the company has to say about themselves.


While working as a volunteer in the relief operation following the 2005 Kashmir earthquake it struck me that so many people were trading their vespa for a newer motorcycle like the honda 125.

Thousands of Vespa’s were standing idle and often sold for scrap metal and the people who had been restoring Vespa’s for decades were forced to look for other jobs.


From seeing this an idea grew to rebuild the most iconic 2 wheeler of the last century by people who had an enormous expertise in Vespa restoration and were truly passionate about them.


It didn’t take long for us to assemble a team of Vespa experts (Our head mechanic for example has assembled and supervised more than 100.000 vespa’s in the former Vespa factory in Azad Kashmir & Karachi) that would work hand in hand with foreign engineers who ensured western restoration standards were met.

Watch the video below by U.S. Embassy Pakistan followed by images of the vespas

Visit if you want to buy one of these awesome looking vespas.

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