Watch: Pakistan’s First Ever Electric Car

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The electric car concept isn’t something new. We’ve all heard about cars running on electricity. But did you ever wonder what would happen if one of these cars were made in Pakistan?

Your question can now be finally answered. The video above shows a local car made to run entirely on electricity. It uses dry cell batteries and can travel with a speed of up to 40 KMPH. Moreover, it only takes about three hours to fully charge the batteries.

electric car

At the back of the car, below the trunk, is a custom motor installed which makes the movement possible.

pakistan electric car

Even though the car lacks the speed and power of ultimate cars like the Tesla 3, it is still quite an achievement for someone to make something like this in a country where this concept is very alien.

The team behind the car is already working on two additional models which they promise will offer more speed and power efficiency. Perhaps with a little help of investment, the guys can make this a fully functional consumer car in Pakistan.